Request for Bids:

Pedestrian Improvement
Richland County, South Carolina

RICHLAND COUNTY, South Carolina is soliciting sealed bids through Richland PDT, the Program Manager, from licensed contractors for the Pedestrian Improvement as a part of the Richland County Sales Tax Transportation Improvement Program.

The project consists of site work and traffic control including, but not limited to, general concrete work, pedestrian signaling work and other miscellaneous items for pedestrian improvements at eighteen (18) intersections. The project locations take place on Elmwood Avenue, Assembly Street, Main Street, Rosewood Drive, and Two Notch Road.

Richland County intends to award a contract to one responsive and responsible contractor. The contractor must be able to perform the services and furnish the goods necessary to meet or exceed all requirements described in this IFB. Bids received from persons or entities that do not meet the requirements will be rejected as non-responsive.

The SLBE goal for this project is 3.35%. Accordingly, the Contractor will complete the SLBE Participation Sheet included in the project manual and accompany it with his Application for Payment each month.

Bid Documents

A complete set of bid documents may be obtained at TPM (The Print Machine), 1241 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201, (803) 252-4770,, at the Bidder’s expense.

A complete set of bid documents may also be downloaded from the Richland Penny website:

Details of the work may be examined at the Richland PDT office located at 201 Arbor Lake Drive, Columbia, SC 29223.



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Notice to Bidders

There will be a mandatory pre-bid conference on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 @ 11:15 A.M. at the Richland PDT Office located at 201 Arbor Lake Drive, Columbia, South Carolina 29223.

Bids will be due Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 2:30 P.M. local time at Richland County Office of Procurement, 2020 Hampton Street, Suite 3064 (Third Floor), Columbia, SC 29204-1002.


Direct All Inquires To:

Jennifer Wladischkin, CPP
Procurement Manager
Richland County Office of Procurement & Contracting
2020 Hampton Street, Suite 3064
Columbia, SC 29204
(803)576-2126 – Phone
(803)576-2135 – Fax