Program History

Richland County Council voted to place the transportation penny on the ballot after a great deal of deliberation and study, which began back in 2006 when it established a 39-member citizen led Transportation Study Commission. This Commission held numerous public input meetings and completed a comprehensive study which addressed failing roads, the lack of sidewalks and greenway infrastructure. During these public meetings citizens said they also wanted an improved bus service. The council also sought the input of other area elected officials.

The following Tech Memos were the basis for the currently proposed transportation sales tax projects listed above. The Tech Memos were completed from 2006-2008 by the Richland County Transportation Study Commission, the members of whom were appointed by Richland County Council. The 39-member Commission was charged to look at:

  1. Greenways and Pedestrian Modes;
  2. Vehicular Traffic Improvements/Roads; and
  3. Public Transit and Transit Oriented Development

2012 Projects List

Summary (pdf)

Ballot Questions (pdf)

Study 2010 (pdf)

Study 2012 (pdf)

Richland County Executed Ordinance

Original Study

Transportation Study Commission

Tech Memo 1 (August 2007)

Tech Memo 2 (November 2007)

Tech Memo 3 (January 2008)

Tech Memo 4 (February 2008)

Tech Memo 5 (April 2008)

Tech Memo 6 (May 2008)

Tech Memo 7 (May 2008)