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Interns Benefit from New Component to Richland Penny Internship Program

The fall 2016 internship class was comprised of four interns from USC Columbia, Benedict College and Claflin University. This semester, Richland Penny Program Development Team staff implemented a mentorship component to the program. As a result of the new addition, interns gained a deeper understanding of the Penny Program and the daily responsibilities of project managers. Below are a few of their testimonials about their experience this fall:

“My mentor was Randy Roberts; all I can say is that he was absolutely great. After my experience at the Penny Office, it is very clear to me the path I want to follow. Even though before this experience my goal was to study civil engineering, once I got involved in the environment at the penny office, all possible doubts about the path I should take disappeared. I am completely sure now, that I want to pursue a career after college in Columbia, SC because it showed me that there is a great future in this city and the infrastructural development is in exponential growth.” – Juan Hernandez, Benedict College, 2nd year Transportation Engineering major

“Working with David Beaty one no one was a nice change of pace from the summer internship program. He helped me focus my time on the different projects and improvements around Richland County. This helped me gain a better understanding of exactly what the projects entail and gave me a better appreciation of the work done at the Penny.” -Carl Romero, USC Columbia, 4th year Civil and Environmental Engineering major

“I enjoyed having a mentor, Anthony Lawrence was very helpful. I liked that I had the opportunity to sit down on new projects that were going on at the Penny Office, as well as assist my mentor with them. After completing this internship, I am more likely to pursue my original goals and interests, though I have a new interest in the construction industry.” – Shawn Jones, Recent USC Columbia graduate, Electrical Engineering major

“Everyone at the Penny was very supportive and helpful. I really enjoyed the mentorship program at the Penny. My mentor Janet Jones, and I worked on a lot of project manuals and contracts for procurement. My mentor and I got along well and I could not have asked for a better one throughout my Penny experience. Since completing the Richland Penny Internship Program, I am interested in exploring construction management and urban development. After college, I am likely to pursue a career in Columbia, SC.” – Brianna Richards, Claflin University, 3rd year Business Administration major w/Accounting Concentration