Vendor Diversity

The Richland County Transportation Department is committed to providing significant opportunities for local, small, minority, and women-owned businesses to participate in the Richland County Transportation Penny program.

Richland County’s Small Local Business Enterprises Program (SLBE) program is a valuable resource for Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Minority, Women, Disadvantage Business Enterprise (MWDBE) businesses to compete for contracts with the County.  The Transportation Penny program is a major project that will strive to utilize SLBE in every phase of the program.

The Richland Penny Program Development Team is committed to participating in activities that promote the SLBE program, increasing the participation of SLBE and MWDBE firms.

For more information on Richland County’s SLBE program and the certification process, please visit the website at: Richland County Small Local Business Enterprises Program


2000 Hampton Street, Suite 3014
Columbia, SC 29204

Learn how you can become a certified business under the South Carolina Unified Certification Program

The following firms are certified SLBE and/or DBE working on the Richland Penny, Pennies Impacting People program: 

Brownstone, SLBE
The Tolleson Limited Company, SLBE
BANCO Bannister Company, SLBE
Grice Consulting Group, DBE
S2 Engineering, DBE
iRealty International, SLBE
The Campbell Consulting Group, SLBE