Featured Completed Projects

Lincoln Tunnel Greenway
Capers Avenue Sidewalk
Franklin Street Sidewalk
Jefferson Street Sidewalk
Maple Street Sidewalk
Mildred Avenue Sidewalk
Senate Street Sidewalk
Wildwood Avenue Sidewalk
Wiley Street Sidewalk
Windover Street Sidewalk
Broad River/Rushmore Intersection Improvement
Clemson/North Springs/Rhame Intersection Improvement
Kennerly/Coogler Intersection Improvement
North Springs/Risdon Way Intersection Improvement
Summit Ridge/Summit Parkway Intersection Improvement
Greene Street (Innovista) Phase 1
Bluff Road Widening Phase 1
Resurfacing Package I
Resurfacing Package J
Resurfacing Package K
Resurfacing Package M
Dirt Road Package B
Dirt Road Package C
Dirt Road Package D
Dirt Road Package E


List of Completed Projects


Intersection Project Count *Substantial Completion
Broad River Rd. and Rushmore Rd. Intersection 1 Jul-16
Kennerly Rd. and Coogler Rd./Steeple Ridge Rd. Intersection 1 Dec-16
North Springs Rd. and Risdon Way Intersection 1 Dec-16
Summit Pkwy and Summit Ridge Dr Intersection 1 Jul-16
Clemson Rd. and Rhame Rd./North Springs Rd. Intersection 1 Aug-17
Wilson Blvd. and Killian Rd. Intersection 1
Wilson Blvd. and Pisgah Church Rd. Intersection 1
Intersection Total 7
Widening Project Count *Substantial Completion
Bluff Road Widening Phase 1 1 Aug-17
Widening Total 1
Special Project Count *Substantial Completion
Riverbanks Zoo Transportation-Related Projects 1 1 Aug-16
Special Total 1
Innovista Project Count *Substantial Completion
Innovista Transportation Related Projects 1 – Greene Street Phase 1 1 Dec-16
Innovista Total 1
Greenway Project Count *Substantial Completion
Lincoln Tunnel Greenway 1 Jul-16
Greenway Total 1
Sidewalk Project Count *Substantial Completion
2015 Sidewalk Package “S1” 2 May-16
    Windover St Sidewalk (Two Notch Rd to Belvedere Dr)
    Wildwood Ave Sidewalk (Monticello Rd to Ridgewood Ave)
2015 Sidewalk Package “S2” 2 Aug-16
    Mildred Ave Sidewalk (Westwood Ave to Duke Ave)
   Maple St Sidewalk (Kirby St to Gervais St)
2015 Sidewalk Package “S3” 2 Jul-17
   Jefferson St Sidewalk (Bull St to Marion St)
   Franklin St Sidewalk (Bull St to N. Main St)
2015 Sidewalk Package “S4” 1 Aug-16
   Wiley St Sidewalk (Superior St to Edisto Ave)
2015 Sidewalk Package “S5” 1 Mar-17
Senate Street Sidewalk (Gladden St to Kings St)
Previously Completed Sidewalk Projects 17
   Lyon St Sidewalk (Gervais St to Washington St)
    Lincoln St Sidewalk (Heyward St to Whaley St)
    Laurel St Sidewalk (Gadsden St to Pulaski St)
    Veterans Sidewalk (Garners Ferry Rd to Wormwood Dr)
    Veterans Sidewalk (Coachmaker Road to Coatsdale Road)
   Wayne St Sidewalk (Calhoun St to Laurel St)
    Gervais St Sidewalk (450′ west of Gist St to Gist St)
    Blossom St Sidewalk (Williams St to Huger St)
    Blythewood Rd Sidewalk (I-77 to Main St)
   Broad River Rd Sidewalk (Greystone Blvd to Broad River Bridge)
    Calhoun St Sidewalk (Gadsden St to Wayne St)
    Colonial Dr Sidewalk (Harden St to Academy St)
    Columbiana Dr Sidewalk (Lexington County Line to Lake Murray Blvd)
   Fort Jackson Blvd Sidewalk (Wildcat Rd to I-77)
    Gervais St Sidewalk (Gist St to Huger St)
    Pinehurst Sidewalk (Harrison Road to Forest Drive)
   Park St Sidewalk (Gervais St to Senate St)
Sidewalk Total 25
Bikeway Project Count *Substantial Completion
Previously Completed Bikeway Projects 5
    Blossom St Bikeways (Williams St to Huger St)
    Greene St Bikeways (Assembly St to 350′ west of Lincoln St)
   Main St Bikeways (Elmwood Ave to Sunset Dr)
    Trenholm Rd Bikeways (South of Dent Middle School to Decker Blvd)
   Wheat St Bikeways (Sumter St to Assembly St)
Bikeway Total 5
Pedestrian Improvement Project Count *Substantial Completion
Previously Completed Pedestrian Improvement Projects 12
Broad River Rd and Bush River Rd Pedestrian Improvements
Devine St and Harden St/Santee Ave Pedestrian Improvements
Elmwood Ave and Bull St Pedestrian Improvements
Harden St and Gervais St Pedestrian Improvements
Huger St and Blossom St Pedestrian Improvements
Huger St and Gervais St Pedestrian Improvements
Huger St and Greene St Pedestrian Improvements
Huger St and Lady St Pedestrian Improvements
Main St and Blanding St Pedestrian Improvements
Main St and Elmwood Ave Pedestrian Improvements
Two Notch Rd and Alpine Rd Pedestrian Improvements
Two Notch Rd and Decker Blvd/Parklane Rd Pedestrian Improvements
Pedestrian Improvement Total 12
Dirt Road Project Count *Substantial Completion
2014 Dirt Road Paving Package “B” 10 Nov-14
   India Street
    Pilgrim Road
    Peafowl Road
    Prestley Drive
   Tammy Drive
   Ted Street
    Townsend Street
    William Duffie Road
    Ethels Avenue
    Harold Street
2014 Dirt Road Paving Package “C” 12 Jan-15
   Tiger Paw Lane
   Cedar Grove Lane
   Cliff Anderson Road
    Zachary Lane
    Winterwood Court
   Annie Entzminger Court
    Christy Creek Court
   Cheek Street
    Clayton Street
    Griggs Street
   Polk Street
   Sarah Road
   Alley Road (removed)
   Jim Eleazer Road (removed)
    Cherry Lane (removed)
2014 Dirt Road Paving Package “D” 3 Jan-15
   Dunes Point
    Overlook Drive
    Boylston Road
2014 Dirt Road Paving Package “E” 5 Jul-15
   Kirk Road
    Pleasant Grove Lane
   PR Webber Road
   Simon Weston Road
    Sumpter Road
2015 Dirt Road Paving Package “F” (Jouster St.) 1 Jun-16
    Jouster St
Dirt Road Total 31
Resurfacing Project Count *Substantial Completion
2014 Resurfacing Package “A” 14 Jun-15
   South Royal Tower Drive
    Muskrat Run
    Silver Fox Lane
    Cheryse Court
    Murray Point Lane
    Brookview Lane
   St. Albans Road
   St. Stephens East
   St. Stephens West
    Concord Place Road
   Sweet Thorne Road
    Market Hall Court
    Chelveston Drive
    Southern Drive
2014 Resurfacing Package “B” 16 Jun-15
    Roundtree Road
    Valhalla Court
    Windmill Orchard Road
    Windridge Road
    Harvest Hill Avenue
    Harrington Drive
    Splendora Drive
    Arcola Drive
   Inway Drive
    Constable Lane
    Hibernia Street
   Wotan Road
    American Italian Way
    Quaker Road
    Sagemont Drive
    Beaver Dam Road
2014 Resurfacing Package “C” 15 Dec-15
    Trader Mill Road
   Great North Road
    Firebridge Road
   Gale River Road
   Finn Court
   Claey Court
   Great North Court
   King Maker Court
   Baker House Road
    Halton Court
   South Shields Road
    Blakesmoor Road
    Calley Court
   Tweed Court
   Baker House Court
2016 Resurfacing Package “H” 112 Nov-17
   Whiteoak Ridge Road
   Wildewood Club Court
   Winslow Court
   Winslow Way
   Woodshore Drive
   Millwood Court
   Oak Brook Court
   Saint Albans Court
   Hexham Circle
   Hurlingham Drive
   Kelly Court
   Lansing Circle
   Lee Hills Drive
   Leila Lane
   Lindevon Lane
   Locklier Road
   Lowescroft Circle
   Midgard Court
   Millhouse Circle
   Millhouse Court
   Millstone Court
   Millwood Drive
   Moss Field Court
   Moss Field Road
   Mountain Laurel Court
   Mountain Laurel Lane.
   N Donar Court
   N Donar Drive
   N Highland Forest Drive
   Newworth Court
   Northbrown Court
   Northbrown Road
   Northfield Court
   Oak Brook Drive
   Oakleaf Road
   Odin Court
   Ola Street
   Ouida Street
   Paddock Place
   Penelope Lane
   Pioneers Point Court
   Pond Ridge Road E
   Ralph Court
   Roxann Drive
   Runneymede Court
   Saddleback Ledge Court
   Saddletrail Road
   Runneymede Drive
   Settlers Way
   Cowdray Park
   Craigwood Drive
   Cranley Court
   Cranley Road
   Creekfield Court
   Crown Point Court
   Denbeck Road
   Doncaster Drive
   Durham Creek Court
   Esther Circle
   Fairfield Park Road
   Finley Road
   Flagbury Road
   Fontaine Center Drive
   Foxwood Knl
   Freya Court
   Green Springs Circle
   Green Rose Road
   Green Springs Court
   Grinders Mill Road
   Gristmill Court
   Halling Court
   Halling Drive
   Hamilton Drive
   Sheridan Drive
   Shetford Road
   Smithfield Road
   Split Rock Court
   Springwoods Lake Drive
   Springwoods Lake Point
   Stanford Ridge Court
   Stockport Road
   Surfwood Drive
   Sweet Thorne Circle
   Sweet Thorne Court
   Tea Rose Court
   Thornfield Court
   Thornfield Road
   Thornridge Road
   Timber Knoll Drive
   Tomafield Court
   Valley End Court
   Wallbrook Court
   Wayland Court
   Willow Bend Court
   Watts Lane
   Abberton Court
   Ashbourne Road
   Baldur Court
   Beckton Court
   Brookwood Drive
   Business Park Boulevard
   Camino Court
   Cape Lookout Court
   Chanwood Drive
   Chukker Hill Court
   Chanwood Court
   Charles Towne Court
   Chimneyridge Drive
   Cockspur Road
   Columbia Ave
   Commerce Drive NE
   Corby Court
Resurfacing Package “I” 9 Nov-17
   Wychwood Road
   Wells Point Drive
   Hayburg Drive
   Headwater Circle
   Shell Cracker Court
   Cotswold Court
   Cove Court
   Cove View Drive
   Brickling Road
Pavement Management System 1 Jul-15
Resurfacing Total 170
Program Summary Project Count  
Completed Projects 253
* The contractor may continue to finalize minor project details beyond the date of substantial completion. A substantial completion date may not be available for projects that were previously completed or completed by other entities.