2017 Annual Report


Take a look at our 2017 Annual Report to see how your penny is at work!



Check out our Monthly Progress Report for the latest program updates!


December 2018 Monthly Progress Report



Intersection Improvements Status

Intersection Improvements Status Summary December 2018

Resurfacing Program Status


Resurfacing Program Summary December 2018

Dirt Road Paving Program Status


Dirt Road Paving Status Summary December 2018

Pennies Impacting People

Richland County’s Transportation Penny Program is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the program.

Call us at 1-844-RC PENNY.

Penny Public Meetings

Public information meetings are held at different stages of a project and because transportation projects can significantly affect a community, public input is extremely important. Public involvement forums allow citizens the opportunity to provide ideas and comments regarding the development of a project. Keeping you informed on when and how you can be involved is critical to the success of the Richland Penny program

Pennies Impacting People

The Richland Penny program is a significant undertaking for Richland County and the people who live and work in it. Throughout the lifetime of the program we’ll be spotlighting the great ways these pennies will be impacting people, our local economy, small businesses and quality of life.

Small, local businesses, we want you

We’re looking for local partners and vendors who are professionals in industries from landscaping to janitorial services and construction companies to sign designers. Learn more about how the Richland Penny program can utilize you and your services and how you can become a Richland County certified Small Local Business Enterprises Program.

Project Phases

Knowing when a project is underway in your community will help you prepare for potential delays during your commute to and from home, particularly during a project’s construction phase.

Stay up to date and informed on Pennies Impacting people through our social media pages or visit our YouTube channel to watch some of our videos.